Honouring Your Body and Mind, Heart and Soul

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Welcome to our first fresh blog on Body and Mind, Heart and Soul. The goal of this website is to help you find inspirational materials to increase your Health and Happiness. Our desire is that this journey will be a practical experience in which you can use week to week reads and lessons to continue your personal evolution towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

As health professionals our idea is not to re-invent every aspect of the wheel that helps you towards Health and Happiness. There are many excellent wellness authors who are far more qualified in their particular field that can help you better than we can. So while we will be writing fresh blogs on topics that we are familiar with, we also hope to be a compass to point your towards other resources that may help you on your journey.

With this in mind here are is some of the news, reviews and information you may expect form Body and Mind, Heart and Soul:

Original Blogs on Health and Happiness

Passionate about Health and Wellness, we hope to give you both refreshing angles as well as up to date insights into all aspects of your personal health journey, including diet and exercise, stress management and sleep health, emotional intelligence and life challenges, spirituality and oneness.

Updates on the latest Beneficial Health Webpages that we have found.

We’ll comb the web and let you know what we have found of interest. For those who enjoy the social media site, Pinterest, we’ll create an extensive reader board so you can easily access topical Pins and associated webpages on the subjects that are of interest to you.

Links to topical Youtube Conversations

Look to our Youtube channel that you can link to via the site for interesting videos. You will not only find inspiring videos on a number of topics in which we will try to present a variety of opinions, you will also find practical videos such as exercise, yoga and tai chi routines, relaxation and meditation techniques and more.

Introducing you to Free Kindle Book Offers on Health Subjects

We’ll tap into the Kindle market and find you free health book offers as they come to our attention. You can read Kindle book through almost all smart phone and tablets as long as you download the App associated with your device. Where possible we will review the book for you, however as books are often free for a limited time this will not always be possible.

Please note that authors place their books on Kindle for free in hope of reviews, so if you can respect this and help them with a review (which will also serve as feedback to us), it would be respectfully appreciated.

Wellness Activities to Help Your Personal Transformation towards Health and Happiness in all Aspects of Life

We have many practical health activities and check lists to help you improve all aspects of your life. Every week we hope to provide with an inspirational exercise to help your understand your personal needs to improve all aspects of your Body and Mind, Heart and Soul.

If you want to work on specific aspects of your life, you can be proactive and look through the e-learning projects associated with our book, Body and Mind, Heart and Soul and the extended web activities available via the drop down menu at the top of this page.

Reviewing the Latest Apps and Technology for Health

There are now a plethora of new Apps for your smart phone, tablet or computer that can help you with making and committing to simple lifestyle changes to improve your Health and Happiness. We will review the latest Apps whether on IOS (Apple), Android or Microsoft platforms and inform you as to whether or not they may be of benefit to you.

May Body and Mind, Heart and Soul encourage you towards greater Health and Happiness!

Welcome to the Introduction of Body and Mind, Heart and Soul

Dr Lily Tomas
Dr Lily Tomas

  We are proud to welcome you to the new website, Body and Mind, Heart and Soul, an e-magazine exploring the many aspects of achieving Health and Happiness. Our bold endeavor is to cover the many different factors that may improve your quality of life and provide you with regular health news and views from medical, science and lifestyle sources .

   Our hope is therefore that you may use this website as a powerful interactive tool for both self transformation as well as actively supporting each other, as partners, families, friends and communities in achieving this goal.

The range of topics we hope to explore include:

  • Diet and Exercise
  • A Healthy Environment
  • Sleep Health
  • Nutritional and Herbal Medicine
  • Pleasure and Passion
  • Stress Management and Work-Life Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mind Tools and Contemplation
  • Societal Engagement
  • Spirituality (whatever your beliefs) for Life Fulfillment
  • …and regular doses of mostly appropriate Humor and Entertainment to lighten your day.

  If you are looking for an overview of the foundations for these approaches we welcome you to enjoy our associated e-book by the same name, a passionate work that will demonstrate not only how but why through the grand design of your Body and Mind, Heart and Soul you can effectively create greater Health and Happiness in your life.

   In 0ffering you Health and Happiness information, we also welcome you to actively engage through the many social networking tools that we hope to integrate into this site; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube. As we develop the site (and our skills with social networking) we also aim to allow for incoming contributions.

  Welcome again to Body and Mind, Heart and Soul…