Making the most of this Project

1445349026_Online_Presence_ManagementWelcome to Body and Mind, Heart and Soul, a multimedia project dedicated to your Health and Happiness!

This website is your portal to multiple ways to access health and wellness information from a variety of sources. Reading through this page will help you learn about the social media sites we shall use to present this information. Rather than provide all the information ourselves, we hope to encourage a truly collaborative experience, pointing you to reliable sources of information that we trust will improve your pursuit of optimal Health and Happiness.

wwwNegotiating this Website

This website is designed with several goals in mind. First, we shall be providing regular Heath News via the Home Page as well as updates on links to other Health News that can be found on the web, through our Pinterest Page and Videos on our Youtube Channel. An overview of this content can be found in the About section.

Secondly, in the Menu you will see e-Learning, within which you shall find numerous self-help modules linked to the ebook, Body and Mind, Heart and Soul that you can presently purchase through Amazon. We will additionally add new self-help modules linked to our Health News as this site evolves. You will find the additions in the e-Course section of the menu. Please read the Terms and Conditions section of this site if you intend to participate (yes, the necessary legals, we have to say that here, such is the world we live in).

Thirdly, you will notice various ways to link through social media to other project sources. Understanding these will make accessing valuable Health and Happiness information all the easier without having to repeatedly return back to the site to learn what is new. More about this in a moment.

Body and Mind, Heart and Soul (1)Body and Mind, Heart and Soul The Book

If you are interested in a detailed background to the science, medicine and spirituality behind the Health News on this site, we encourage you to purchase our book, currently available on Amazon as an eBook. An video overview of Body and Mind, Heart and Soul can be view through this link. Reading the book also provides you with an opportunity to understand and apply the self-help programme found within the e-Learning section of this site.


Rather than continually return to the site to see what’s new, we hope to make it easy for you to know what is being posted. You can choose your preferred social media site to be alerted when a new post has been made, whether via Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. You can also use e-mail sign up if you like. Simply Join Us on your preferred Social Media site or sign up on the email button.


Sharing the News

If you like our content please feel welcome to share it with your family, friends, patients and wider community. Our Health News can be shared through the Share icons at the end of articles including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and e-mail.

1445348854_flaticon6We Love Pinterest!

Pinterest is an exciting site for content sharing from other sources. Looking for articles, inspirations, recipes, whatever might be found on the Net that is accompanied by a picture and you can Pin it to a Pinterest Board. Click on the Pin and you will be redirected to the web content associated with the picture.

We have Pinterest boards to accompany the chapters of Body and Mind, Heart and Soul as well provide Health News on all aspects of Integrative Medicine. You may even see a few Boards dedicated to Greg’s fiction novels (no apologies for a little unrelated content and gratuitous self-advertising).We really encourage Pinterest for there is nothing more emotive than inspiring images to assist your dedication to any and all aspects of your Health and Happiness journey. Look for the icon on the sharing section in the side column to join to Pinterest.

1445348797_flaticon5Watch our Youtube Channel

From short videos to full documentaries, we have created a video channel on Youtube where you can access clips on subjects found within the chapters of Body and Mind, Heart and Soul as well as relevant to Integrative Medicine in general. An attempt has been made to provide a balance of information sources on any topic.

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